It's now possible to get notifications about trades of your pools directly on your Telegram account 🀩.

How to set up?

  1. Log in to your user C4W dashboard

  2. Click on your user top-right menu

  3. Click on "Telegram Notifications"

  4. Access the link and let the bot to the rest of the process.

πŸ”” Please note that it's not possible to connect your C4W and your Telegram account from Telegram, you have to proceed directly from your C4W account.

top right menu access on the dashboard, to subscribe to Telegram notifications

Good to know

πŸ”• You can unsubscribe from notifications at anytime or disconnect your Telegram account.

how to connect and disconnect C4W and Telegram, from your Telegram account

❌ If you encounter some technical issues when the connection process, please retry later. Some issues can happen due to IT maintenance operations.

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