Crypto4Winners is a crypto-asset management platform existing since 2019.

Our team of human traders actively manage your BTC, ETH & USDT to provide you a regular passive income by growing your quantity of crypto.

Much like traditional hedge funds can be used to put fiat capital to work, our investment pools allow you to generate return by actively trading your BTC, ETH or USDT.


In terms of risk/return profile, investment pools have a high risk rating and suit those who are:

  • Stable with a long-term investment horizon and no short-term needs to liquidate their position in the pool.

  • Looking for an investment with high potential return.

  • In search of diversification and opportunities uncorrelated to traditional markets.

  • Risk-tolerant and able to withstand short-term volatility in return of a significantly higher potential return over the medium and long-term.

❗️All investments carry some degree of risk and capital is not guarantee. If you have any doubt about our professionalism or expected returns, please do not invest or recommend Crypto4Winners.

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