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Do you offer a 2FA (two factor authentification)?
Do you offer a 2FA (two factor authentification)?
Updated over a week ago

Crypto4Winners provides the following 2FA options:

  • Authenticator app

  • SMS / Text message

  • E-mail

Prior to being able to enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on your account, it is necessary to install an authentication application that supports the "Time-Based One-Time Password" (TOTP) algorithm, such as Google Authenticator or Authy.

Subsequently, after you have downloaded and installed an appropriate authentication app, proceed to your Dashboard and locate the "Two-Factor Auth" option located at the top right corner of the screen to initiate the activation process.

If you find that you can no longer access your authenticator, please get in touch with our chatbot and choose the option "My account" followed by "2FA issues". You will be asked to provide certain information related to the KYC that you completed when setting up your account.

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