At Crypto4Winners, it is important for our customers to understand their tax obligations when using our services. We want to emphasize that we do not undertake any tax declarations on behalf of our customers. It is solely the responsibility of the customer to declare any capital gains, including profits and referral gains, and to ensure that they comply with all applicable legislation by paying the necessary taxes.

It is worth noting that tax laws vary from country to country. Some countries may impose taxes on all capital gains made through cryptocurrencies, while others may only tax Crypto/FIAT transactions.

In order to assist our customers with their tax declarations, we provide customizable account statements on our dashboard.

To generate an account statement:

  • Select your Pool in the left main menu

  • Click on Account Statement

  • Select the Time Period

  • Click on Generate

We encourage our customers to stay informed about their tax obligations and to seek professional advice if necessary. By using our platform, customers acknowledge and accept that it is their responsibility to comply with all tax laws and regulations applicable to their jurisdictions.

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