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What is the Referral Program?
What is the Referral Program?
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In order to reward our customers who refer new users to our platform, Crypto4Winners has implemented a referral/affiliate system that operates on a single level. When a user refers a new customer, the referrer will receive a 10% share of the net profits generated by the referred user.

This 10% payment to the referrer will be deducted from:

  • the 20% performance fee that Crypto4Winners receives on the net daily performance of the BTC and ETH Pools,

  • and from the 50% performance fee that Crypto4Winners receives on the net monthly performance of the Global Crypto Pool.

The credited crypto amount will be visible in the Referral section of the user's dashboard.


  1. Withdrawals of referral earnings are subject to the same conditions as profit withdrawals. This implies that the withdrawal amount for referrals may change between the time of the request and the actual withdrawal from the pool.

  2. A "Qualified Referee" is defined as a Referred User who registers to Crypto4Winners and successfully invests in at least one of the Pools. Only completed investments are eligible for a Qualified Referee.

  3. Please be advised that Crypto4Winners reserves the right to terminate or restrict this referral program at any time and for any reason, without prior notice.

  4. A customer can't be a referred and a referred user/qualified referee.

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