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At Crypto4Winners (C4W), our investment team is comprised of skilled traders and crypto-analysts who integrate technical and fundamental analysis to make informed investment decisions.

Technical analysis

Though technical analysis in the cryptocurrency market might seem daunting, the term simply refers to the study of past market data in an effort to project future price movements. In essence, it allows us to make educated guesses about whether a digital asset's price will increase or decrease in the future.

We combine several different techniques in our methods and wait for their mutual confirmation. A confirmed signal can be considered more reliable for decision-making.

Fundamental analysis

  • Technology: blockchain analysis, code review, white paper analysis

  • Team: due diligence on core team members, ideally direct contact

  • Community: quantifying the size and engagement of community on social networks

  • Decentralization: analysis of consensus, governance and ownership distribution

  • Economic viability: estimating the potential upside by market analysis and assessing whether it is viable to utilize cryptocurrency or blockchain in a given market

  • Macro analysis: monitoring state of the overall market, encompassing media awareness, regulatory risks and sentiment

By combining technical and fundamental analysis, our investment team is well-equipped to make informed investment decisions for our clients.

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