Global Crypto Pool Management

Know how your USDT is invested.

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The investment objective of the Global Crypto Pool is to achieve capital appreciation (USDT & USDC) and maximize absolute returns by investing directly in USDT & USDC through multi-strategies.

The Global Crypto Pool investment policy is essentially towards the medium to long term.

To ensure we fully capture the investable crypto-asset, we may also invest crypto in each strategy depending on the available market opportunities:

  • Holding in cold storage (Long exposure, medium and long term);

  • Trading (Algorithmic trading, Trading intraday, Scalping, AI Trading).

  • Staking;

  • Lending;

  • Mining Pools.

Traded coins & tokens are all officially quoted on Coinmarketcap.

As part of our diversification strategy, our current holdings are:

  • USDT (50%)

  • USDC (40%)

  • Diversified staking (10%)

❗️ In order to fully take advantage of markets, we may instantly adapt our strategies based on shifting situations.

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