The investment objective of the Global Crypto Pool is to achieve capital appreciation (USDT) and maximize absolute returns by investing directly in USDT through multi-strategies

The Global Crypto Pool investment policy is essentially towards the medium to long term.

As your wealth should be diversified, we may use a multi-strategy approach based on technical knowledge, industry experience, external research and analysis to spread the risk of investments and reduce volatility.

To ensure we fully capture the investable cryptoasset, we may also invest crypto in each strategy depending on the available market opportunities:

  • Holding in cold storage (Long exposure, medium and long term);

  • Trading (Algorithmic trading, Trading intraday, Scalping, AI Trading).

  • Staking;

  • Lending;

  • Mining Pools.

Traded coins & tokens are all officially quoted on Coinmarketcap.

As part of our diversification strategy, our current holdings are:

  • USDT (50%)

  • USDC (40%)

  • Diversified staking (10%)

โ—๏ธ In order to fully take advantage of markets, we may instantly adapt our strategies based on shifting situations.

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