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Pool Deposit
Pool Deposit in USDT/USDC
Pool Deposit in USDT/USDC

How to fund your Pool in USDT or USDC.

Updated over a week ago

After the successful confirmation of your USDT or USDC deposit in your Wallet, you can invest your entire wallet balance in the Global Crypto Pool through the following steps:

  • Select Dashboard in the left menu

  • Click on the deposit icon associated with USDT or USDC.

  • Select Pool deposit

  • Carefully review and consent to the disclaimers

  • Validate your pool deposit.

❗️At each new deposit, your Global Crypto Pool will be locked for 24 hours. This measure is in place to enable us to transfer your BTC to the cold wallet and crypto exchanges for active trading.

Global Crypto Pool


Initial investment

10,000.00 USDT/USDC

Additional investments*

5,000.00 USDT/USDC

*Additional investments thresholds only apply if your pool is active.

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